Italian wedding traditions: the wedding welcome aperitif


Maybe you already know that in Italy the aperitif is a beloved moment and very often is a real dinner because it includes a lot of different tastes.

The aperitif  is emphazized in the wedding welcome aperitif: usually, in particular in Emilia Romagna, the wedding aperitif is composed by different so called “islands”:

the one that is called “angolo rustico” presents a selection of cold cuts, parmesan cheese with honey and jams all accompanied by typical breads like “tigelle”, “piadine”,  “crescentine”, “focacce” and sometimes also pizza.

Another “island” is dedicated to fried food : pumpkin flowers, “ascolana”olives, sage, little “cotolette” and the famous so called “stecco petroniano” a typical Bologna’ s gurmandise prepared with Mortadella .

Then it is possible to taste some finger foods, typical recipes adapted to the small  portions or international food: rice , cous cous, fish cooked with spices or flambè  but also little “ravioli” with its tomato sauce.



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The wedding aperitif lasts average one  hour and a half and the buffet is always full of food. This is the best beginning you can imagine for the following dinner!


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