Italian wedding traditions: sugar confetti


The word “confetti” exists in English and in Italian but the meaning is really different : in English it means little piece of colored paper to throw over the newly weds, in Italian, instead, confetti are little sugar  bon bon to eat. Italians usually use them as little gifts for their wedding guests. Italian confetti have a lucky relevance.  The classical recipe of confetti includes an almond covered by sugar, but not everyone loves this taste.

Today there is a big choice of confetti tastes  wthout almonds, it is possible to have fruit tastes: strawberry, banana, watermelon, lemon; or cream tastes: dark chocolate, white chocolate, after eight; or flower tastes: rose petals , violet petals, zagara flowers, orange flowers (the typical wedding flowers in Southern  Italy) ; or very particular tastes like ricotta (italian cheese) together with pears.



Italians love to offer to their guests during the wedding a sort of buffet composed by various tastes of confetti, that could also be decorated or egraved. It is possible to add to this sugar buffet  decorated sugar cubes , macarons and mini cakes.



Would you like to organize a typical Italian wedding , so don’t forget to ask your planner to organize a complete “confettata” , it would be a sure “wow effect”!!!!!!


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