Food and wine: typical recipes for your wedding day


The feeling connected to the cooking tradition in Emilia Romagna is linked to the images of this rich land, its fruits and all the people who have loved and still love it.

Bologna is undoubtedly the very heart of this cooking dreamland and its symbol is the “tortellino”.



Legend has it that, long ago, during a battle between the two cities of Bologna and Modena, three gods: Bacchus, Mars and Venus, protectors of the Modenese army, stopped to relax at an innin a little village close to Modena. While Venus was asleep , the inn’s owner  peeped the half naked goddess and astonished before her beauty and particularly her perfect navel, transofrmed  that marvellous shape into a brand new recipe, the tortellino also known as  Venus’ navel.

In the region each province has its own traditional recipe: not only totellini but also tortelloni, lasagne, tagliatelle, passatelli, agnolotti and anolini: not to mention the famous charcuterie, symbol of this land, one for all the famous mortadella known abroad simply as “Bologna”.



A wedding dinner in Emilia Romagna is an exhibition of the best in the cooking tradition of the region and also summarizes the history of a very rich land since always fond of good life.

Since there is no good food without good wines do not forget Lambrusco, Pignoletto, Sangiovese Ortrugo, all the ancient spices of vine perfectly matching the taste of an unforgettable experience.





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