Bakery Station

Bakery Station born about five years ago from an idea of Laura and Daniela, mother and daughter, with a passion for traveling and cooking. The aim was to create a place where customers feel as if they are sit  in their living room and where they can drink and eat food that seems “home-baked”. But this living room is  meant not only for Italians, but also for any traveler who wants to experience this feeling. For this reason here you can find tastes and flavors from different parts of the world: America, Spain, France, England and everything is made with high quality Italian ingredients. The highlights are definitely brunch and cakes, that contains in each slice unique taste and imagination.




About Micol Scondotto

Wedding designer e wedding planner, si occupa nel portale di public relations ed è la Vostra guida per quanto riguarda i trend più attuali, chic ed interessanti sulle nozze